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Potential Elk Valley Road Restorations

Sept 20, 2020 

The following Adventure Motorcycling routes have been selected by the EV-CEMF for restoration. Three of these routes are passes across the Alberta/BC border and one is the last access to an old lookout by Hosmer:

     - Racehorse Pass (see map 8)

     - North Fork Pass (see map 7)

     - Ptolemy Pass (see map 10)

     - Hosmer Ridge Old Lookout (see Map 9)

The Elk Valley Cumulative Effects Management Framework (EV-CEMF) has selected existing roads for restoration in our area. While we believe it is a great initiative, some of the targeted roads are used extensively by various groups such as hikers, motorcyclists, ATVers, snowmobilers, horseback riders, hunters, cyclists, etc. These restorations would have a negative impact on recreation and tourism in the Valley.

EVADRS is actively engaged on behalf of our members. We are in communication with other user groups and are officially voicing our concerns directly to EV-CEMF.


Here's a link to our Member's letter about this issue.


Here's a link to the August 13 2020 EV-CEMF Public Consultation maps.

EVADRS is working on your behalf and it is important that as many people as possible spread the word with other clubs, user groups, MLAs, businesses, friends. Ask your friends to join EVADRS. With more members, we’ll have greater influence.

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