Avenza Map Instructions

1 - Install the free Avenza Maps app from the app store.

2 - On your phone, open the link to the map. Click on "Dorr-Grasmere Motorized...".  This will open the map.

Avenza Maps Instructions
Turning your phone into a GPS with Avenza Maps
avenza black background.png

You can download the free AVENZA Maps app and turn your phone into a GPS with the trail map in the background.

1. Install the free Avenza Maps app from the App Store (iPhone) or Play Store (Android). You don’t have to sign in or sign up.

2. Get the map on your screen (Downloading instructions, above).

3. On an iPhone, tap the image once and if you see "Open In..." appear below the map, tap that and scroll the apps to select the Copy to Avenza logo. If you didn’t see an “Open in…” below the map, select the send button (square with an arrow out) then select the Avenza app (push More… if you can’t see the Avenza logo).

On Android, select the "Open with..." option from the top right menu. Then select "Open With..." and click Avenza.

4. Avenza will fire up and you will see your map list. Tap on the map you just imported and it will pop up on your screen.

5. Tapping on the bottom left Pointer will start showing your location on the map.

Remember: if you are on a trail or road that is not on the map, you should not be there.