The greater Elk Valley is at the center of a world class network of backroads. Scenic routes, world renowned fishing, hot springs, ghost mining towns. You name it, we have it. Our goal is to provide information to the Adventure Riders visiting the Elk Valley or just passing through.

Regulations, road closures, emergency support, motorcycle parts



Areas worth exploring in the Elk Valley. Scenic routes, local loops, Trail Maps.


Copyright EVADRS.CA 2020. All tracks distributed as a guide only - the user takes full responsibility for any use they make of the information. Adventure Touring is inherently dangerous. We've tried our best to make the gps files as accurate as possible but obviously there will be some differences. The tracks may be inaccurate, roads may be closed to travel. Always carry paper maps and be ready to spend a night out fending off grizzly bears and cougars.

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